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Skye Online English has recently had the pleasure and privilege of being involved in a project which saw a number of teachers come together and contribute towards a shared resource.  We have been working closely with our friend, Sandra Piai, who has explained the project in more detail below:

These lessons have all been contributed by different teachers from different parts of the globe. The idea behind them was for teachers to be able to download a lesson plan, with materials, and go straight into the classroom and use it.  The rationale is that when teachers finally get back to face-to-face teaching in their classrooms they may like something different to try out that does not involve too much planning.  All these lessons are unbranded and can be used freely. 

Obviously, at this moment in time, online lessons would be more useful, but these do not seem to be so widely available thus far.  However, nearly all of the lesson plans available here can be adapted for online use by using websites such as:, Google Drive, Google Docs 

This is foreseen as a work in progress, so if you have a favourite lesson, please send it to Sandra at: and it can be uploaded into the collection.  Alternatively, you can use the contact form below. 

Any feedback is more than welcome and, in the meantime, enjoy the lessons.  If you do download and use some of these lessons, if you can, please make a small contribution to the health service or coronavirus charity in your area in return. A big thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.


April 2020

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